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Hi there. Welcome to Collapser, rather you're a new player or an old player, this Hub is for you.

Choosing a Vocation on Collapser

Class Pros Cons Tips/Useful Information PVP Rating Damage Rating Survivability Rating
Druid Great self-sustain and healing for others, potentially high damage output in certain situations, built-in slow, lowest mana costs Lowest damage in the game in most cases, relies on other vocations a lot, poor fisherman unless they're super high level Druids are very useful for team-based things like PVP, fishing monsters, boss fights, and raids 3/4 4/4 2/4
Knight Great self-sustain, large health pool, large healing numbers, highest damage numbers in the game (after level 3500), can tank a lot, great fisherman Poor in most pvp situations, melee-only means distance damage on fishing bosses and in raids and PVP Knights are overall a good vocation. Their pros are numerous and their cons are limited. If you're only interested in PVP, playing a Knight might not be for you 4/4 1/4 1/4
Paladin Great self-sustain, make use of both mana and health pools to survive in situations thought impossible, off-tanks, great damage, good overall in pvp and pve, AOE heal, tied with Knights for best solo hunting High mana costs on their most deadly spell, low health pool compared to Knight makes them vulnerable to high level PVP enemies and bosses/monsters Paladins are an overall good vocation for tanking with their spell heals and mana heals, their high damage and great self sustain makes their PVE very good 2/4 2/4 2/4
Sorcerer The best single-target damage in the game for things like PVP and fishing monsters, bosses and raiding, high risk/high reward Low health, low healing and higher mana costs make them very difficult to survive with, worst PVE experience unless you're super high leveled Sorcerers are the typical glass cannon with a powerful damage-over-time effect that makes them even better. Sorcerers do best at fishing monsters, boss monsters and in raids with bosses 1/4 1/4 4/4

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Server Information and History

We are a server hosted in Dallas, Texas, United States. 24/7 uptime, saving daily at 07:00EST. Our server is 11 years old, and held the top spot on OTservlist for a number of years as the highest rated and most popular server.
Our server was offline for 5 years, but came back online as a new version as of April 30th, 2019. We changed the way some of our systems worked, and tweaked a few of the customizations to be better, and now we're back and ready to bring Collapser to everyone- old and new.
Collapser is ran by God Guthead (known simply as Gut or Mike), his fiance, and his team of staff members old and new.