Donation System

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Donations allow us to pay for hosting services including the dedicated server, DDOS protection, ect. Players that donate to the server receive a donor currency, Collapser Orbs. 1$(USD) = 1 Collapser Orb.

How do I donate?

Follow this link to get started:

Donation Steps

1. Read all of the rules regarding donations in the link above.
2. Click the "Buy X Orbs" button located on the bottom of the donation section of the website.
3. You will now be taken to the Stripe website, please confirm the amount of your donation is that of what you intend.
4. Fill in the relevant details required.
7. Once complete click "Pay X Amount".
8. Check your e-mail in 10 minutes, and click the link in the e-mail after you receive it.
10. Log in with your Collapser account credentials.
11. Congratulations! You have completed the donation process.