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Types of Outfits

Normal Outfits - These are the outfits found in real tibia. These outfits are fairly easy to get. Example: Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Barbarian, etc.
Quest Outfits - These are monster outfits you get from completing quests. They allow you to turn into things such as a mutated human, or a hellhound to name a few.
1.5k NPC Outfits - These outfits require items to be turned in and allow you to turn into different kinds of creatures such as a cat, kongra, or demon.
Igor's Outfits - These outfits have among the highest cost and are therefore seen as the most prestigious due to the limited amount of players who have obtained Igor's outfits.

Normal Outfits

Addon stations are scattered throughout Collapser. Addon stations consist of a lever with a special square to stand on. You need to pull the lever while having the required items in your inventory to obtain the addons. You get both addons at once. Links to detailed guides showing how to get to some of the more remote addon stations will be added once the guides are created.
Click [|Here To be Directed to YouTube] to check videos on MOST of the addon locations! (all credit goes to AriesWar)

Outfit Male Female Required Items Location of Addon Station Item Obtained From Video
Nobleman Nobleman Male.gif Nobleman Female.gif 100x Crystal CoinsCrystal Coin.gif Top Floor Collapser DP Anything
Summoner Summoner Male.gif Summoner Female.gif 1x Frozen StarlightFrozen Starlight.gif Bazir's Summerhouse Oblivion, Tyria, Doc Oc
Mage Mage Male.gif Mage Female.gif 2x Magma CoatMagma Coat.gif Warlock Tower(SW DP) Burning Elemental, Hydros, Magma Bundle, Bazir
Citizen Citizen Male.gif Citizen Female.gif 1x Blood HerbBlood Herb.gif + 5k gp Gold.gif Collapser Town Demons
Warrior Warrior Male.gif Warrior Female.gif 5x Dreaded CleaversDreaded Cleaver.gif Corelocks Nightmares
Barbarian Barbarian Male.gif Barbarian Female.gif 1x Icey Axe Icey Axe.gif Bone Breakers Zompires, Hydros, Tritons
Jester Jester Male.gif Jester Female.gif 1x Cat's Paw Cat's Paw.gif Lost City Dark Torturer
Hunter Hunter Male.gif Hunter Female.gif 100x G.S. Silk Giant Spider Silk.gif+ 1x Infernal BoltInfernal Bolt.gif Nightmares(Before POI) Giant Spiders, Giant Swamp Spider
Knight Knight Male.gif Knight Female.gif 1x Icey SwordIcey Sword.gif, 5x Ice RapierIcey Rapier.gif Collapser City Zompires, Hydros, Tritons (Demons for Ice Rapier)
Wizard Wizard Male.gif Wizard Female2.gif 1x Demon LegsDemon Legs.gif, 50x Crystal CoinCrystal Coin.gif Bone Breakers Demon Set Quest
Oriental Oriental Male.gif Oriental Female.gif 1x Magic Plate ArmorMagic Plate Armor.gif East of Collapser Town Demons, Demon Lords
Pirate Pirate Male.gif Pirate Female.gif 10x Enchanted RubySmall Enchanted Ruby.gif, 10x Enchanted SapphireSmall Enchanted Sapphire.gif Lost Island Lava Fish Monsters, Morgaroth
Assassin Male Assassin.gif Assassin Female.gif 1x Flame Infused BootsFlame Infused Boots.gif POI(Before Seals) Oblivion
Beggar Beggar Male.gif Beggar Female.gif 1x Skull StaffSkull Staff.gif Cyclops Island Warlocks
Shaman Shaman Male.gif Shaman Female.gif 1x Icey HammerIcey Hammer.gif Hydra Island Zompire, Triton
Druid Druid Male.gif Druid Female.gif 100x TalonTalon.gif Hydra Island Demons, Hellhounds
Norseman Norseman Female.gif Norseman Male.gif 500x FishFish.gif Ice Island(Canoe Island) Fishing (exevo fish toggle on/off)
Nightmare Nightmare Male.gif Nightmare Female.gif 3x Nightmare ShieldNightmare Shield.gif POI(Inside Phantasm Seal) Hydros
Brotherhood Brotherhood Male.gif Wizard Female.gif 2000x Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif Bazir's Summerhouse(Southeast From Collapser Depot) Hellmaw Cultist, Ravenous Zombie, Pirate Ghost

Adventures Outfits

Find the NPC in the location below

Outfit Male Female Required Items Location of NPC Adventurer
Nordic Chieftain Outfit Nordic Chieftain Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Nordic Chieftain Female Addon 3.gif Trade in 50 Bait, 25 Rainbow Trout, 100 Fish Fins & 30 Pineapples, 100 Blue Cloths, 3 Empty Fish Bowls, 2 Turtle Shells, 20 Green Perch & 10 Water Fishing Bundles. Adventurer Chiefan-Borea
Trailblazer Outfit Trailblazer Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Trailblazer Female Addon 3.gif Trade in 250 Exalted Alloy, 800 Magical Dust, 600 Malevolent Dust & 200 Glimmering Soils. Adventurer Traizam-Scorched Lands
Pharaoh Outfit Pharaoh Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Pharaoh Female Addon 3.gif Kill 5x Dipraithan, 5x Omrucius, 5x Mahrdishan & 5x Vashresamunathul Adventurer Pharaoan-Shakhai Desert
Fire Fighter Outfit Fire-Fighter Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Fire-Fighter Female Addon 3.gif Kill 750x Infernal Blaze Adventurer Blazneau-Infernal Lands
Rascoohan Outfit Rascoohan Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Rascoohan Female Addon 3.gif Trade in 500 roachoid legs, 300 feline fur and 100 grass tufts. Adventurer Ezenrot-Deity Jungle
Dragon Knight Outfit Dragon Knight Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Dragon Knight Female Addon 3.gif Kill 2000x Dragons or Dragon Lords Adventurer Draconus-Collapser Town Dragons

Event Outfits

Outfit Male Female Event
Seaweaver Outfit Outfit Seaweaver Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Seaweaver Female Addon 3.gif Shark week 2022
Fencer Outfit Outfit Fencer Female Addon 3.gif Outfit Fencer Male Addon 3.gif Shark week 2022
Pumpkin Mummy Outfit Outfit Pumpkin Mummy Female Addon 3.gif Outfit Pumpkin Mummy Male Addon 3.gif Halloween 2022
Poltergeist Outfit Outfit Poltergeist Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Poltergeist Female Addon 3.gif Halloween 2022
Merry Garb Outfit Outfit Merry Garb Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Merry Garb Female Addon 3.gif Christmas 2022
Festive Outfit Outfit Festive Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Festive Female Addon 3.gif Christmas 2022
Winter Warden Outfit Outfit Winter Warden Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Winter Warden Female Addon 3.gif Christmas 2022
Hand of the Inquisition Outfit Outfit Hand of the Inquisition Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Hand of the Inquisition Female Addon 3.gif Make A Wish 2023

Quest Outfits

Use the Command !shapeshift (Outfit name) to turn into the following monsters after completing the quest and opening the chest to obtain the creature outfit.

Shapeshift Name Creature Level Quest Required
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Male.gifDemon Hunter Female.gif 301 Killer Rabbit's Quest
Mutant(Mutated Human) Mutated Human.gif 700 1k Quest Guide
Giant Spider Giant Spider.gif 2500 2.5K Quest Part 2
Dread Cultist Dread Cultist.gif 2500 2.5K Quest Part 2
Hellhound Hellhound.gif 3125 3K Quest

1.5k NPC Outfits

Use the command !shapeshift (monster name) to transform into these outfits. The outfits can be purchased at the level 1500 area NPC.

Shapeshift Name Creature Items Required Item Obtained From
Fire Devil Fire Devil.gif 5000x Crystal CoinCrystal Coin.gif Most Monsters
Demon Demon.gif 4000x Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif Pirate Ghosts, Hellmaw Cultists, Ravenous Zombies, Poi Monsters
Werewolf Werewolf.gif 1000x Neutral MatterNeutral Matter.gif Cutting Trees in Living Forest
Monkey Kongra.gif 2000x BananasBanana.gif Kongras, Enraged Sibang
Cat Cat.gif 1000x BlueberriesBlueberries.gif Picking bushes
White Rabbit White Rabbit.gif 1000x Carrot of DoomCarrot Of Doom.gif Digging for Killer Rabbits
Squirrel Squirrel.gif 35x Mother SoilsMother Soil.gif Baal, Nightbane
Penguin Penguin.gif 2000x Northern PikesNorthern Pike.gif Fishing
Panda Panda.gif 100x Teddy BearsTeddy Bear.gif Orshabaal, Burning Annihilator
Flame Spirit(Fire Elemental) Flame Spirit 2.gif 3x Eternal FlamesEternal Flame.gif Baal, some lava fish bosses.
Cyclops Cyclops.gif 1x Roc FeatherRoc Feather.gif Baal
Dragon Dragon.gif 40x Pure EnergyPure Energy.gif, 1x Purple FlowerPurple Flower.gif Empowered Dragons, Fish bosses (flower), Nightbane (flower)
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper.gif 13x Orbs(13$ if donating for the orbs)Orb.gif Orbs
Necromancer Necromancer.gif 7x Orbs(7$ if donating for the orbs)Orb.gif Orbs

Igor's Oufits

Getting There

NOTE: A level of 2650 is required to reach Igor. If you own teleport spells(1 orb from Pumin) simply type !teleport bosses, then go northeast through the level door.
Pictures will be added showing how to get there at a later date.
Start at temple. Head northeast and through the level 500 door.
Head west over the bridge and through the level doors.
Go south through a portal. Head west and go up the stairs in the mountain.
Go northeast and through the level 2650 door. Head north through the portal.
You now have to kill the guardians. They don't damage you as long as you aren't next to them, however they have a constant paralyze. Kill either the 2 east ones or the 2 west ones, and then you will be able to safely go through the portal behind them.
Once through the portal, head west and follow the path until you reach Igor. There is only one path and you will run into Igor while taking this path.

Outfits Available

For information on how to get Collapser Orbs, see the Donation System page on this wiki.

Shapeshift Name Creature Requirement
Phantasm Phantasm.gif 5000 Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif
100 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
Lust's PendantLusts Pendant.gif
Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Headsplitter.gif 80 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
5 Sword HiltsSword Hilt.gif
Wrath's Great AxeWraths Great Axe.gif
Barbarian Bloodwalker Barbarian Bloodwalker.gif 92 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
20 Hell SteelHell Steel.gif
10 Unstable Weapon Enhancement RunesUnstable Rune.gif
Elf Scout Elf Scout.gif 100 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
50 Mother SoilsMother Soil.gif
20 Roc FeathersRoc Feather.gif
2 Frag PotionsFrag Potion.gif
25 Collapser OrbsOrb.gif
Swamp Wyrm Swamp Wyrm.gif 2400 Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif
500 Blight HammersBlight Hammer.gif
75 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
5 Ample Enhancement RunesAmple Rune.png
Undead Gladiator Undead Gladiator.gif 150 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
5 Crystals of BalanceCrystal of Balance.gif
1 Heroic LongswordHeroic Longsword.gif
Pride's BulwarkPrides Bulwark.gif
Ghostly Apparition Ghostly Apparition.gif 10000 Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif
130 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
60 Mother SoilsMother Soil.gif
20 Eternal FlamesEternal Flame.gif
Vindicator Vindicator.gif 750 Iridium CoinsIridium Coin.gif
2 Crystals of BalanceCrystal of Balance.gif
25 Collapser OrbsOrb.gif
Night Stalker Nightstalker.gif 8000 Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif
100 CandiesCandies.gif
40 Flawless Ice CrystalsFlawless Ice Crystal.gif
25 Mother SoilsMother Soil.gif
5 Rainbow ShieldsRainbow Shield.gif
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental.gif 16000 Demonic EssenceDemonic Essence.gif
40 Eternal FlamesEternal Flame.gif
5 Frag PotionsFrag Potion.gif
Cultist Cultist.gif 50 Collapser OrbsOrb.gif
Yalahari(with Mask Addon) Yalahari.gif 30 Collapser OrbsOrb.gif

Borean Mines Outfits

Outfit Image Requirement
Zek'tar Brute Zek'tar Brute.gif 20kk GoldGold.gif, 1300 Tungsten OreTungsten Ore.gif, and 1 Crude SteelCrude Steel.gif
Moving Boulder Moving Boulder.gif 30kk GoldGold.gif, 1800 Tungsten OreTungsten Ore.gif, 100 Magical DustMagical Dust.gif, and 2 Crude SteelCrude Steel.gif
Twisted Smith Twisted Smith.gif 50kk GoldGold.gif, 3400 Tungsten OreTungsten Ore.gif, 200 Malevolent DustMalevolent Dust.gif, and 3 Crude SteelCrude Steel.gif
Hulking Monstrosity Behemoth.gif 82kk GoldGold.gif, 5500 Tungsten OreTungsten Ore.gif, 500 Malevolent DustMalevolent Dust.gif, and 5 Exalted AlloyExalted Alloy.gif
Zek'tar Commander Zek'tar Commander.gif 140kk GoldGold.gif, 8750 Tungsten OreTungsten Ore.gif, 6 Crude SteelCrude Steel.gif, and 8 Exalted AlloyExalted Alloy.gif