Quality System

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Every weapon in Collapser has a Quality bonus, which varies from 0-100. Quality 0 will hit the LPM (lowest possible maximum), whereas a Quality 100 would hit the HPM (highest possible maximum).
Every quality point adds 0.25% increased maximum damage to your weapon. This means that a 100Q weapon will do 25% more damage than a 0Q of the same weapon, and 12.5% more damage than a 50Q.

Animate Dead Rune.gif
Currently there's just one way to upgrade the quality of your weapon: Unstable Enhancement Runes
Unstable Runes are a one charge use and have a 60% chance to upgrade your quality by 1-3 points, but also have a 40% chance to decrease your quality by 1-3 points.

There is another way to improve the damage of your weapon, but it's only temporary. Want to know more? Click here.