Living Forest

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Living Forest

The living forest is a NON-PVP White Skull.gif "level catchup area" for new players.

Tutorial Video

Check out this tutorial video on the Living Trees area!

Where is it?

1. Start out by going to the green mile (the teleport in the north eastern section of the temple - Level 500 required).
Trees 1.png
2. Head north and slightly west along the grassy path and you will find an area with stairs surrounded by four pillars with flames on them.
Trees 2.png
3. Go down the stairs, head north, and you are there!
Trees 3.png

How do I get started?

1. First discover the location of the living forest.
2. Talk to the NPC LiaraLiara.png for important information as to how to cut the trees (using special axes that pirates drop).
3. Liara can teleport you directly to the pirate island if you say "send me to pirate island" to her.
4. Collect a bunch of small axes from pirates Pirate Buccaneer.gif (the level 400 ones) and pirate skeletonsPirate Skeleton.gif as they do have a chance to break when using them.
5. Head back to the living forest and start chopping away!


Last era, there was only one difficulty for the living forest. This has been changed for this era. There are now five different difficulties to choose from.
You can change the difficulty by talking to the NPC Liara, and saying which difficulty you want.
Beginner (Designed for levels 500-1000)
Easy (Designed for levels 1000-1500)
Normal (Designed for levels 1500-2000)
Hard (Designed for levels 2000-2500)
Wicked (Designed for levels 2500-3000)
500 Tree.png

Other Information

- After you cut a tree down, it will respawn after 2 minutes.
- Trees will automatically de-spawn if not killed within 8 minutes.
- As an alternative to using the small axes to cut the trees down, you can opt to buy "Treebane" from Pumin for 10 orbs.
The Higher the difficulty the more likely your chances of gaining Neutral MattersNeutral Matter.gif will be. This is done by striking the tree with the axe, not by killing the tree that you will gain Neutral Matter. So for example, getting Neutral Matter from the Beginner Difficulty is a lot more rare than getting Neutral Matter in the Wicked Difficulty.
1000 Neutral Matter is the required amount to gain the Werewolf Addon!Werewolf.gif


Treebane (10 orbs from Pumin) is a special axe for cutting down trees in the living forest. It has the following features:
1. It never breaks
2. It has a higher chance of cutting the trees down.
3. It has a higher chance of wielding neutral matter when cutting trees.
4. It is shiny.