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Things you can buy with Collapser Orbs

The following items can be purchased at Pumin. Pumin is located in the shops under Collapser Town.


Item name Cost Image
Backpack of Holding 1 Orb Backpack of Holding.gif
Name Change 4 Orbs Old Name - New Name
Sex Change 4 Orbs Outfit Citizen Male.gifOutfit Citizen Female.gif
Deity Skip 10 Orbs Skips 1H Collapser Weapon quest.
Second Promotion, 2.5k Quest skip 10 Orbs Ascended Warrior, Highborn Archer, Tree Hugger, Diabolic Sorcerer
1x Fish Bowls 1 Orb Goldfish Bowl (Empty).gif
6hr Experience Scroll 2 Orbs Parchment of Dark Knowledge.gif
10hr Ample Fishing Scroll 2 Orbs Fishing scroll.png
12hr Skill Scroll 1 Orb Old Parchment (Brown).gif
Superb Enhancement Rune 3 Orbs ID 3184.gif
Backpack of 4x Unstable Weapon Enhancement Runes 5 Orbs Unstable Weapon Enhancement Runes.gif
Watering Can (250 Charges) 5 Orbs Watering Can.gif
Teleport Spells (150 Charges) 2 Orb Magic Forcefield.gif
Treebane (for the living forest) 10 Orbs Hallowed Axe.gif
Collapser Hood
It increases your magic level by 10%, your distance by +12, your melee by +12, and your spell damage by 2%.
4 Orbs Collapser Hood.gif
Collapser Mantle
It reduces all damage taken by 6%.
15 Orbs Coll Mantle.gif
Collapser Greaves
It reduces all damage taken by 5%.
9 Orbs Collapser Greaves.gif
Collapser Tredders
They provide the Firewalker buff to those that are worthy.
5 Orbs Collapser Tredders.gif
Collapser Shield
It reduces all damage taken by 5%.
11 Orbs Off-hand Sword.gif
Collapser Amulet
It increases your damage by 4%.
24 Orbs Collapser Amulet.gif
Exalted Collapser Bow 15 Orbs Composite Hornbow.gif
Exalted Collapser Sword 15 Orbs Firlefanz.gif
Exalted Collapser Wand 15 Orbs Jester Staff.gif
Leveling Boost (75% bonus experience until level 7,500) 50 Orbs Medal of Honour.gif
Druid / Sorcerer Pack (Weapon, Set, Leveling Boost, Backpack of Holding) 100 Orbs Outfit Mage Male.gifMage Female.gif
Paladin Pack (Weapon, Set, Leveling Boost, Backpack of Holding) 100 Orbs Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Hunter Female Addon 3.gif
Knight Pack (Weapon, Set, Leveling Boost, Backpack of Holding) 100 Orbs Outfit Knight Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Knight Female Addon 3.gif


Golden Outfit 100 Orbs Outfit Golden Female Addon 3.gifOutfit Golden Male Addon 3.gif
Wayfarer Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Wayfarer Female Addon 3.gif
Afflicted Outfit 20 Orbs Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Afflicted Female Addon 3.gif
Elementalist Outfit 35 Orbs Outfit Elementalist Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Elementalist Female Addon 3.gif
Deepling Outfit 30 Orbs Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Deepling Female Addon 3.gif
Insectoid Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Insectoid Female Addon 3.gif
Entrepreneur Outfit 50 Orbs Outfit Entrepreneur Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Entrepreneur Female Addon 3.gif
Gnome Outfit (colour changeable male/female) 40 Orbs Outfit Gnome Male Addon 3.gif
Crystal Warlord Outfit 30 Orbs Outfit Crystal Warlord Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Crystal Warlord Female Addon 3.gif
Soil Guardian Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Soil Guardian Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Soil Guardian Female Addon 3.gif
Demon Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Demon Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Demon Female Addon 3.gif
Cave Explorer Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 3.gif
Dream Warden Outfit 35 Orbs Outfit Dream Warden Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Dream Warden Female Addon 3.gif
Glooth Engineer Outfit 30 Orbs Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3.gif
Jersey Outfit 25 Orbs Outfit Jersey Male.gifOutfit Jersey Female.gif
Retro Hunter 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Hunter Male.gifOutfit Retro Hunter Female.gif
Retro Summoner 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Summoner Male.gifOutfit Retro Summoner Female.gif
Retro Nobleman 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Nobleman Male.gifOutfit Retro Nobleman Female.gif
Retro Knight 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Knight Male.gifOutfit Retro Knight Female.gif
Retro Warrior 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Warrior Male (1).gifOutfit Retro Warrior Female (1).gif
Retro Mage 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Mage Male.gifOutfit Retro Mage Female.gif
Retro Citizen 35 Orbs Outfit Retro Citizen Male.gifOutfit Retro Citizen Female.gif