Castle PvP

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Castle PvP

The PvP castle is a two-stage battle, for levels 5.5k+, where defenders (the guild which currently owns the castle) tries to prevent the attackers (any guild other than the defending guild) from conquering the castle.

  • The first guild to reach 18000 points wins access to the dungeon for 4 hours.
  • If the battle persists for an hour, the defending guild will automatically win.


Located in the PvP Arena. Enter the mystic flames to the EastSign Right.gif.


Phase 1: Attackers/Defenders

1. AttackersAttack.gif

  • Rush one of the three entry areas of the castle which has vulnerable gates. Destroy the gates to gain entry into the castle and sit on a throne.
  • Once a throne has been sat on by an attacking guild for a total of 1 second, the battle will transition to phase 2.

2. DefendersDefense.gif

  • Defend and heal the gates to delay the attackers from invading the interior of the castle.


Phase 2: Obtaining Points

1. Capturing ThronesThrone.gif

  • There are three thrones inside the castle, claim and defend as many thrones as you can to gain points for your guild.
  • Your guild will gain 5 points per second for each throne as long as your guild still holds claim to it.
  • You can claim a throne (or steal a throne from another guild) by standing on it for 60 seconds. (note you do not need to remain standing on the throne after you've claimed it.)


2. Stealing Points

  • Each time you kill a player who is in another guild, you will steal up to 5 points from their guild.
  • If the enemy guild has 0 points, you will not gain any points for killing them.

Perks for Conquering the Castle

  • Upon defending / conquering the castle, the winning team will then be able to access the dungeon via the same portalTeleport.gif used to enter the arena.
  • Slightly increased experience gain (about half of what hill gives)
  • An additional 7x added to your skill training multiplier (this applies to expertise training as well, but not fishing!)
  • Slightly decreased stamina costs (stamina costs are decreased by 10%)

Castle Dungeon

The dungeon consists of the following:

  • Three teleportsTeleport.gif with areas to hunt monsters that are about the same strength as the 6.5k area monsters (these monsters drop the same materials as the 6.5k area monsters do)
  • Three bosses similar to the seven deadly sins bosses in health, but give slightly more experience and have a level limit of 3.(these bosses will random roll loot corrupt magic spheres)
  • Eternally Bound Jeweler, an NPC which exchanges some materials for amulets.


Item Picture Description Materials Required
Collapser Amulet Collapser Amulet.gif Speed +15 Increases Damage Dealt by 4%. 500kk GoldGold.gif, 300 Magical DustMagical Dust.gif, 250 Malevolent DustMalevolent Dust.gif, 5 Exalted AlloyExalted Alloy.gif, and 12 Corrupt Magic Spheres
Silver Necklace of Warding image Reduces all damage taken by 4%. 10,000 charges 100kk GoldGold.gif, 50 Magical DustMagical Dust.gif, 1 Exalted AlloyExalted Alloy.gif, and 2 Corrupt Magic Spheres

Dungeon Monsters/Bosses

Halls of Punishment

  • Apostle of Misery image, Screaming Revenant image

The Inquisitor

Cell Block A
Enormouscausticooze.gif Twisted Smith.gif
Infested Viceroy

Cell Block B

  • Swampfolk Witch image, Swampfolk Bandit image

Swampfolk Chief