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† Dogma † [2]

Joshua beyma [2]

†€GÅRØÑ ¥µÑÐ [2]

Phantoms [2]

Lava Fishing Update


Collapser's Fishing has always been unique and it must stay as such. The following additions and changes were made to reignite the flame but to keep the original feel the same, adding value not only to the Fish but to the Players Fishing also! The entire loot system off all Fish has been revamped, introducing new never seen before rares, collectables and much, much more. These changes have taken affect across all creatures, not just the new ones! All original loot items are still included in the mix, however the chance of getting these may have changed allowing room for newer items. Below is a list of additional monsters that will be catchable after the Update. Players being AFK Fishing has never been a problem, and never will be. But with this update it'll give them a reason to keep half an eye on their Fisher's to make sure they aren't missing anything that could happen..


New Mobs
- "Heqet" - Level Required 4000+, Fishing Level 120+, Scroll = False.
- "Flameling" - Level Required 5000+, Fishing Level 120+, Scroll = True.
- "Raging Sear" - Level Required 5000+, Fishing Level 130+, Scroll = False.
- "Wadjet" - Level Required 7000+, Fishing Level 140+, Scroll = True.


New Bosses
- "Draconis" - Level 4000+, Fishing Level 125+, Scroll = True, Commendations = 2, Bowlable = True.
- "Burned One" - Level 5500+, Fishing Level 135+, Scroll = True, Commendations = 3, Bowlable = True.
- "Magmite" - Level 8000+, Fishing Level 140+, Scroll = False, Commendations = 5, Bowlable = True.
- "Prometheus" - Level 9000+, Fishing Level 150+, Scroll = True, Commendations = 7, Bowlable = True.


Those people who want to auto bowl these new bosses, please make sure that you check that they're enabled by using the !autobowl command in-game. Any lost creatures due to this not being done, will not be returned to the player. A new and updated Experience table has been created, which shows before / after values. Along with where the new creatures fit in, see the link below.

Wiki Link


Quest Changes


The following adjustments have been made to allow smaller are more frequent teams to carry out each of them, therefore boosting the amount of players who have access to Raskoff and Rebirths. If you've any questions please forward it to a member of Staff where they'll be happy to assist further.


Deity Legs Quest
-The tiles that required a player to be stood on and therefore left by team has now changed. Players will just need to step on each tile once without leaving a player. This will allow the full team to stay together whilst carrying out this quest.


Deity Chest Quest
-The 4 corner tiles on the final level of this quest have been moved to a more central position along with the teleport positions players move to once completed, this will vastly shorten the quest and heighten the possibility of completion for all.
-The stairs that appear after placing all 4 firebugs will now stay open for 30 minutes, rather than 1.
-The levers which remove obstacles from the bridges within the swamp area, now also have a 30 minute timer.
-Quest grade creatures have had their HP greatly decreased.


Deity Helmet Quest
-Final boss Health reduced by 20% allowing the boss fight to be completed without taking a large amount of time whilst still keeping the original challenge.


Deity Weapon Quest
-Added exit teleports at each of the 4 mini bosses which lead to the beginning of the route, meaning players will no longer be expected to fight through hoards of creatures when travelling to next destination.


Deity Rings Quest
-The following task changes will come into affect, to still keep the original exploration & challenge value, but lower the time taken to complete in it's entirety. Monsters in the "Roshamuul" type area total health has been decreased by 20% (not including quest grade).
-Guzzlemaws from 1000 -> 500
-Silencers from 200 -> 150
-Fungals from 250 -> 200
-Reapers from 400 -> 250
-Mawhawks from 400 -> 200
-Shockheads from 100 -> 75
-Retching Horror from 200 -> 150
-Demon Outcasts from 100 -> 75
-Fevers from 300 -> 200

Raskoff & Rebirth Additions


In the chasms of Raskoff, beneath the Volcans lies fearsome creatures who usually lie dormant and in the dark. Through the utter greed of the Cranial Dwarfs digging far too deep, these creatures have been awoken!

Mini Quest Requirement
Solo player and small team Quest where teams will be challenged against the Darklights. In return players will upon completion obtain the Darkfire Devourer Mount, along with the Darklight Evoker Outfits. This mini quest will be required to be completed for anyone wishing to ascend to Rebirth level 2.

New Hunting Spots
3 additional hunting spots along with their respective tasks have been added for players of Rebirth level 2 and upwards. Aquamentia, Reeking Horrors and Darklights all come with their own challenges and rewards, be sure to explore the areas in full to establish the best spot for you!

Rebirth Level 2 Perks
Upon ascending to this level, players stats will be increased per level. Giving them a real benefit over others who haven't. These stats will be based on the entire level, rather than just 10k+, see below a breakdown of the increased gain amounts.

Mages - 6 health per level, 35 mana per level.
Paladins - 12 health per level, 18 mana per level.
Knights - 18 health per level, 6 mana per level.

Work is currently underway in imporving the quest line prior to Raskoff, allowing smaller teams the chance to complete along with removing the requirement of leaving players behind, therefore limited the teams amount of players. More details will be posted closer to the time of release in this area.

Scorched Hills